ParentCoaching is a Leeds based service offering help to self-help. Are you struggling to understand your child's behaviour? Do you feel stuck and find it hard to make changes?


Chances are that your child is as puzzled as you are and that a pattern of unhelpful habits have developed. This is easily done.


When we are preoccupied with other stuff than what is going on, right here, right now, with our children we fail to respond to them in a manner appropriate to the situation.


Subtle changes, in the way we parent, can lead to big changes in the way our children behave and help us build the kind of relationships we want with them.


My aim is, through coaching derived from the behavioural psychological approaches, to teach you positive practical strategies, that will help you re-connect with your parenting values.


I want to introduce you to a non-judgemental way of looking at so-called problem behaviour and help you make important changes to turn things around.


By increasing awareness, changing the focus of attention and committing to doing what the situation calls for in a given moment you can become the parent that you want to be. Show your children the qualities that you want to show them.

Who I am?

I am the mother of three who have taught me how to parent - but also how NOT to parent.


I hold a MSc in Applied Behavioural Analysis and a BSc in Psychology, as well as approved training in Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT).

What do I know?

I have a firm understanding of how behaviour patterns are established. How we pick up habits and resolve to the same old strategies over and over, even if, long-term, they are in-effective.



What is your struggle?


Behaviour tantrums, eating, toiletting, sleep, anxiety or something different.

My aim is to give you the tools to make important positive changes, help you learn how to take a step back and see how parent child interactions are based on learned behaviour patterns.


I am based in Chapel Allerton, Leeds, West Yorkshire.


First consultation is free and an important opportunity for everyone involved to establish how best to progress.


All coaching is charged at an hourly rate and travel expenses were applicable.